Leading non-profits is the most vital job in the world.

Non-profit organizations do our society’s most important work:  healing the sick, caring for people in crisis, educating all ages, feeding the hungry, supporting the aging.  And championing human and civil rights, environmental and social justice, and peace.

To perform these functions, non-profits deserve the best leadership possible.

Leading Non-Profits offers non-profit leaders ideas for becoming a better leader.

  • Up-to-date leadership practices.
  • Ways to build your in-house leadership team.
  • Methods for growing your non-profit’s ability to achieve its mission.

Give your non-profit your best, so it can do its best work for the people who depend on it.  Do real good by leading well.

Photo Credit: Wesley Fryer via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Wesley Fryer via Compfight cc

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