I’m Julie Erickson.  For many years, I worked in the non-profit sector in New York City, with ample experience on national and state-wide Boards of Directors.

Now I’m a career coach, blogger, writer and executive coach who specializes in supporting people to find their “right fit” work – their individual paths to happiness and fulfillment in their work lives.  Through coaching, teaching and writing, I help people pursue their dreams and passions, develop leadership ability, effectively market themselves, improve communication and interpersonal skills, and make fulfilling work and career transitions.  I’m  a subject matter expert on career management, the non-profit sector, and a wide range of business leadership and management areas. 

During my career in New York City’s non-profit and public service sector, I led City Harvest for 11 years, and restored Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project to health.  I exponentially increased City Harvest’s impact and visibility, making City Harvest a household word for fighting hunger in New York City. I’m most proud of shifting from delivering 75% baked goods out of 4.5 million pounds of food to delivering 2/3 fresh produce out of 25 million pounds of food delivered each year to non-profits. I became expert at all things workforce while leading Public/Private Initiatives at the New York City Department of Employment during the Dinkins administration.  I honed my management skills at the Community Service Society of New York and began my fundraising career at a community development organization in the South Bronx. 

I graduated from Smith College and have an MBA in Leadership from New York Institute of Technology.  I did graduate work in political theory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and got specialized training at Columbia University’s Institute for Non-Profit Management and NYU’s Wagner School. Among my awards are the James Beard Foundation’s 2003 Humanitarian of the Year and Woman’s Day Magazine’s 2002 “Women Who Inspire Us.”


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