Coaching Mission-Driven Leaders To Build Workplaces of Choice

  • Are you a nonprofit leader whose organization is losing staff?
  • Do you wish your organization could attract AND retain great people?

The Great Resignation has exposed one big reason as a huge cause of people’s dissatisfaction with work:. Toxic workplaces.

It’s a harsh term. But it’s a reality for too many people.

Yes, more money is one reason people leave. 

But a root cause is unhappiness with their manager or with the organization’s culture. 

According to Pew Research (Parker and Horowitz), majorities of workers who quit a job in 2021 say low pay (63%), no opportunities for advancement (63%) and feeling disrespected at work (57%) were reasons why they quit, according to the Feb. 7-13 survey. According to Gallup, a manager influences up to 70% of an employee’s engagement and also their happiness. And an MIT Sloan study found that a toxic corporate culture is the single best predictor of which companies suffered from high attrition in the first six months of the Great Resignation in 2021. Of course compensation and burnout influence attrition but other aspects of culture appear to matter much more.

Usually, nonprofits can’t pay people a whole lot more. So what can you offer that will keep good people?

A better work environment

A work environment where people feel that their work is important and valued. Where they have a say in how they do their work. Where the culture is collaborative and supportive. 

Few leaders in any field have all the skills and tools needed to create those environments. We can tell because of the Great Resignation. 

Have you been trained how to use emotional intelligence to lead a team? Has anyone mentored you in developing and using that ability? Do you understand how to use emotional intelligence to create a great work environment for your team – and for yourself?

I wonder how you, as a leader, feel about your work environment and culture.

Do you find yourself:

  • often being irritated, stressed, frustrated with people on your team
  • thinking that no one can do it as well as you do
  • feeling alone, with no support
  • working many hours more than you want to
  • responding to and initiating emails and messages 24/7
  • Not wanting to go to work in the morning?

That’s horrible. It’s a tragedy. That’s a lot of stress on you. And it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Not all nonprofit leaders know how to create and maintain a work environment that engages and retains employees. You got into this work because you cared about something. 

So many leaders go into their positions without enough training. Without enough practical knowledge about or experience with leading people. 

While some leaders may have great instincts, many do not. Many don’t know how to move from managing to leading, from micromanaging to delegating, from doing to trusting others to do.

You can tell if you’re not leading well if 

  • People are working much more than 40 hours a week and not taking vacations
  • There’s a lot of turnover in your direct reports
  • Your organization experiences too much turnover among the rest of the staff

You can make your organization a place where people would come and do the work for free! Your work environment can be that fun, engaging, fulfilling, and rewarding. 

You know you want this yourself. And you can do it! It is possible.

How do I know?

I did it, and I’ve helped other leaders do it. I created a “workplace of choice” where people loved coming to work – and so did I. 

As a direct result, our organization grew exponentially and so did our impact. We fulfilled our mission extremely well, and had a huge impact – more than we imagined.

During my 15-year coaching business, I’ve coached new Executive Directors, and other top leaders to move from feeling stressed to being balanced and successful. To become leaders who build cultures where staff feel respected and trusted, and are fully engaged in their work.

Now I am bringing my system to more mission-driven leaders. Because the work you lead is among the most important in our nation.

My program is designed to increase the impact of your organization BECAUSE you are its leader.  The investment by your organization is $7,500 for a 120 day immersion program.

What do you get? Once a week, one-on-one, hour-long sessions with me for up to 4 months.

Plus you get unlimited email consultation (with 48 hour turnaround time). 


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